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Marion ACTS

With representation from each of the churches in the Marion, Monroe and Dolton areas, a group called Marion ACTS was formed to help alongside the Emergency Response teams from our area in the case of a crisis or disaster that may occur in our communities.  We have been working with the Marion Fire Department, Marion Ambulance, American Red Cross and Turner County Emergency Management Team to develop a plan that will be helpful to them but will not interfere with their jobs.

The goal of our group is to help residents that are affected by events such as ice storms, tornadoes, train derailments, explosions and fires.  We have a plan in place in which we will have a local church or other building opened up that people may go to for shelter, as well as to connect with other family members and friends.  We have several locations lined up to be used for this purpose; however, until a situation occurs, we will not know which location will be utilized.  That decision will be made by the Fire Chief.  Emergency personnel will be informed of which shelter location will be utilized and will be able to give that information to residents in need.

Every individual entering the shelter will be asked to provide basic information, such as name and if there are any medical concerns that we may need to be aware of.  Everyone will be asked to remain in the shelter unless they have an alternate, safe place they can go to.  In this event, we will ask for a contact number that they may be reached at in case another family member may come to the shelter looking for them.

Our team members consist of Lana Herlyn, Vicki Schardin, Roger Tieszen, Dee Herlyn, Martha Gesick, Clellan Becker, Steve Albrecht and Shannon Luke.  If you have any questions concerning the mission of Marion ACTS, please feel free to contact any of our members for more information. 


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