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Volume 13, Issue 2

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February 28, 2015

v   February City Council Proceedings

v  February School Board Proceedings

v  February B & P Org.  Proceedings

v March Calendar of Events


February 2, 2015 City Council Proceedings

The City Council of the City of Marion, South Dakota met in regular session on Monday, February 2, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room of the City Building with the following council members present: Dave Hughes, Jeff Jeno, Dick Luke and Rick Nelson, together with the Mayor Ron Globke and Finance Officer Kari Muller.  Also attending the meeting was City Superintendent Dustin Sulzle.  Turner County Sheriff Byron Nogelmeier was present from 7:15 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.  Absent: Jim Kettwig, Jeremy Thomas. 

A water bill matter was addressed, with it advised the full bill would need to be paid by the property owner. 

Cameron Becker and Matt Donlan, representing the Marion Fire Department, were present and addressed the Council regarding the proposed Fire Hall project.  Additional MFD members were present for the discussion.  General discussion was held on various aspects of the proposed project, including property acquisition & demolition, fundraising, project/building ownership and maintenance.  The decision was made to have MFD representatives provide the City Council with updates every two to three months.

TC Sheriff Nogelmeier was present and the law enforcement report for January 2015 was distributed and reviewed.  Discussion was held on miscellaneous law enforcement matters.

No one appeared before the council to address the ‘Chicken farm’ agenda item.  Brief, general discussion was held on the matter. 

Follow-up discussion was held on a Main Avenue RR Crossing matter.  Information was provided on a request for the City to pay a portion of Central Farmer’s bill from their contractor in the amount of $6132.27.  Discussion was held on the matter, with a Council decision made that the City would not pay any portion of Central Farmer’s bill.

Motion was made by Luke, seconded by Hughes to declare the city’s Kubota Mower GF1800E w/Deck surplus and place it on an upcoming Wieman auction.  Motion carried.  The mower will be included in the Wieman Auction scheduled to be held on June 3, 2015.

City Superintendent Sulzle requested permission to remove the old, non-functioning phone booth located directly south of the City’s bandstand.  Sulzle advised he had already spoken to Golden West on the matter.  Council permission was given to remove the phone booth.  Discussion was held on leaving the power source in place and looking into placing a digital sign on the property.  The decision was made to leave the power source in place & complete additional research on a digital sign.

An update was provided on the emergency warning sirens matter, with it advised Sioux Falls Two-Way Radio is continuing to work on the matter.

The second reading of Ordinance #308 – Golf Carts was held.  Motion was made by Jeno, seconded by Nelson to adopt Ordinance #308.  Motion carried.

The following individuals were selected to serve as Judges and Clerks for any Municipal Election in 2015: Ward One – Eleanor Becker, Rita McVay, Deon Lueders; Ward Two – Rosella Schwartz, Martha Gesick, Myrtle Rasmussen; Ward Three – Janice Loof, Ella Tieszen, Karen Laible.  In the event of a citywide election, Rosella Schwartz would serve as Judge with a Clerk selected from the other two wards.  Motion was made by Hughes, seconded by Luke to approve the Judges and Clerks as appointed.  Motion carried.

Information was communicated from the City’s life insurance policy provider, wherein it was advised the provider is no longer accepting additional employees on the group policy.  Quotes obtained from Hometown Insurance Agency for a new group life policy were provided.  Discussion was held on various details, with the decision made to terminate the group term life insurance plan with the current provider.  Motion was made by Hughes, seconded by Luke to procure a $25,000 Group Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance policy with Hometown Insurance Agency, Inc.  Motion carried. 

The Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project (SEFP) January monthly report was distributed to the council.

Motion was made by Nelson, seconded by Hughes to adjourn at 9:10 p.m.  Motion carried.



You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.

Cormac McCarthy


February 9,  2015 School Board Proceedings

Pursuant to the call and the notice thereof, the School Board of the Marion School District 60-3, Marion, Turner County, SD met in regular session on the ninth day of February, 2015. Call to order was made by President of the School Board, Nicole Bartscher, at 4:31 pm.

Members Present: Nicole Bartscher, Dan Buse, Daryl Gortmaker, Larry Langerock, and Josh Luke.  Absent: None.

Officers Present: Terry Winegar, Superintendent; Michelle Larson, Secondary Principal; and Aaron Thompson, Business Manager.  Absent: None.

Guests Present: Janna Christiansen, Karri Wieman, Anne Pankratz, Heidi Ptak, Vicki Schardin, and Todd Obele.

Action 14/15-67: Agenda – On motion by Buse, second by Luke to amend the agenda by adding the following item: 13 – Coop Discussion, and move all subsequent items down; and then to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-68: Minutes – On motion by Gortmaker, second by Buse to table the approval of minutes until later in the meeting. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-69: Financial Reports – On motion by Luke, second by Buse to approve the financial reports of the District as shown in Table 1 (to be published in paper). Motion carried.

Action 14/15-70: Bills for Consideration – On motion by Buse, second by Gortmaker to approve the following claims against the District for the month of February, and then to approve checks to be issued in their payment. Motion carried. (Bills to be published in paper)

Action 14/15-71: Minutes – On motion by Langerock, second by Luke to table the approval of minutes until the February 11, 2015 special school board meeting. Motion carried.

Superintendent Terry Winegar gave the following acknowledgements to the Board: recognize the successful cooperative of the Canistota/Marion Badgers 5th/6th grade boys & girls basketball teams, and the kitchen’s score of 100 on their recent food service inspection.

There were no Delegations.

Anne Pankratz gave a Teacher Report, informing the Board on District and State FCCLA. Janna Christiansen also gave a Teacher Report, discussing how positives at the school have been emphasized at recent teacher meetings. She also reported on positives brought forth from staff on Mrs. Larson’s job performance as Secondary Principal.

There were no School Board Reports.

Aaron Thompson gave the Business Manager report. He handed out 2013/2014 fiscal audit reports to the Board, and also mentioned February 27th as the last day to turn in School Board petitions.

Michelle Larson gave the Principal report. She gave the Board updates on mid-term grades, a book study on grading, and a rewards day for attendance. She also gave a short presentation explaining the AdvancED accreditation process.

Terry Winegar informed the Board that he is in the process of transitioning for the new Superintendent.

School Board President Nicole Bartscher led the Board in a sports coop discussion. She gave information on meeting with an attorney for mediation purposes, and any legal options the District can pursue. SDHSAA will have the final say in what will become of the coop. The Marion School Board wants to meet with Canistota’s School Board in order to work toward a resolution in this matter.

Superintendent Terry Winegar led a discussion on the 2015/2016 Marion School Calendar, and also shared a preliminary calendar. No motions were made.

Action 14/15-72: Amend School Calendar – On motion by Buse, second by Gortmaker to add March 12, 2015 and April 6, 2015 as regular instruction days to make up for the two snow days called off. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-73: Advertise for Food Service Contractors – On motion by Luke, second by Langerock to seek proposals for contracting the food service program of the Marion School District for the 2015/2016 fiscal school year. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-74: Personnel Matters – On motion by Buse, second by Langerock to go into executive session for the purpose of Personnel Matters at 6:04 pm, as per SDCL 1-25-2 (1). Motion carried.  President of the School Board, Nicole Bartscher, declared out of executive session at 7:13 pm.

Action 14/15-75: Adjourn – On motion by Gortmaker, second by Langerock to adjourn the school board meeting at 7:13 pm. Motion carried.



February 12,  2015 Business & Professional Organization Proceedings

The Marion Business & Professional Organization met on Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. at Katie’s Malt Shoppe & Restaurant with 11 members in attendance.  Businesses present were: Central Farmer’s Coop., City Economic Development Coordinator, Donlan’s Foodland, Farmers State Bank, Getskow Pharmacy, Hometown Insurance, Luke Heating/ Cooling/Plumbing, Rapp Motors, Rex’s Plumbing and Southeastern Electric.

The January 8th meeting minutes and a financial report were distributed.  Motion was made by Glen Rapp, seconded by Rex VanHove to approve the minutes and the financial report as presented.  Motion carried. 

Discussion was held on the promotional drawing for the month of March.  The decision was made to hold a drawing for $25.00 in gold dollars, as donated by Hometown Insurance.

Follow-up discussion was held on the Summer Celebration Parade, with it advised the event organizer position remains open.  It was reported the Marion Area Community Club has agreed to contribute $250.00 towards paying an individual to organize and run the parade, in collaboration with the B & P.  Motion was made by Rex VanHove, seconded by Rapp to have the organization contribute $250.00 towards paying an event organizer for the Summer Celebration Parade.  Motion carried.  

The monthly facilitator report from the Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project was distributed and reviewed.  Client stats highlighted included two new inquiries, three individuals in the funding process and recent 1st Dollar of Profit presentations. 

Dan Buse, Marion School Board member, provided an update for the school, advising of the ongoing pursuit of a new Superintendent.  Buse reported they are continuing to pursue the sports co-op with Canistota.

A suggestion was made to relocate the State Champions sign to the same location as the ‘Welcome to Marion’ billboard.  Discussion was held on various aspects, with the decision made to place the matter on the March agenda. 

The next meeting will be at 12:00 p.m. on March 12, 2015 at Katie’s Malt Shoppe & Restaurant.



march Calendar of Events


City Council Meeting

7:00 p.m.


Rosefield Township Annual Meeting

1:00 p.m.




School Board Meeting

7:00 p.m.


Marion Business & Professional Org. Meeting

Ambulance Meeting

12:00 p.m.

6:00 p.m.


Equalization Board Meeting

Legion Meeting

Time TBD

7:30 p.m.






Marion Development Foundation  Annual  Meeting

7:30 p.m.




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