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January 2018

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January 2018 Newsletter

The Marion City Times


Volume 16, Issue 1

In this issue:

January 31, 2018

v   January City Council Proceedings

v   January Business & Professional Organization Proceedings

v   January School Board Proceedings

v February Calendar of Events


January 3, 2018 City Council Proceedings

The City Council of the City of Marion, South Dakota met in regular session on Wednesday, January 3, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room of the City Building with the following council members present: Jim Kettwig, Bryan Luke, Dick Luke, Rick Nelson, John Ptak and Rhonda Smith, together with the Mayor Ron Globke and Finance Officer Kari Muller.  Also attending the meeting was City Superintendent Dustin Sulzle.  Turner County Sheriff Bryon Nogelmeier was present from 7:25 p.m. – 7:53 p.m.  City Engineers Jon Fischer and John Brown were present from 8:02 p.m. – 9:16 p.m.  Absent: none.

Motion was made by Kettwig, seconded by B. Luke to transfer $1050.00 out of the General Fund Contingency account to balance the budget, for placement in designated accounts as follows: $227.00 in Landfill; $126.00 in Pest Control; $697.00 in Parks.  Motion carried.

Follow-up discussion was held on the 7th Street maintenance matter.  The existing agreement in place between Turner County and the City of Marion regarding maintenance/cost-share for 7th Street was distributed and reviewed.  It was advised the road needs to be oiled.  Per the agreement, sealcoating the road is the responsibility of Turner County.  Mayor Globke will follow-up with the Turner County Highway Superintendent in regards to scheduling the sealcoating for completion.   

It was reported the City was notified by the State Dept. of Transportation that the City’s sign located at the Highway 18 intersection will need to be moved as the State will be completing a right-of-way project there this year.  A Relocation Assistance Written Offer was extended to the City to allow for monetary assistance for relocating the personal property via either reimbursement for actual cost to move or a flat-fee payment of $1800.00.  Motion was made by Kettwig, seconded by B. Luke to accept the Relocation Assistance Written Offer from the State for $1800.00.  Motion carried.

TC Sheriff Nogelmeier was present and the law enforcement report for December 2017 was distributed and reviewed.  An update was provided on an illegal burning citation matter.  Nogelmeier addressed weekly coverage hours, services provided, county-wide issues and other department coverage matters.  The matter of revising the City of Marion Ordinances was addressed.  Discussion was held on the need for clarification, as well as updating, of various ordinances to assist with enforcement.  Implementing a bond & fine schedule was also discussed.  The decision was made to have Finance Officer Muller contact SECOG to inquire into assistance with revising the ordinance manual.

Marion Fire Department Chief Rick Nelson addressed an issue regarding obtaining water during power outages.  As the fire department is unable to obtain water in the City per normal access during a power outage, Nelson inquired into the possibility of tapping into the City’s water tower supply for a limited amount of water.  City Superintendent Sulzle spoke to use/amounts that would be permissible.  Council permission was given for the water tower supply to be utilized as outlined.

Discussion was held on lighting concerns on the Highway 42 billboard sign.  Previous issues with replacement of lights were reviewed.  Obtaining information on new, well-protected light options was discussed.  The matter will be addressed at the regular February meeting.

Sulzle inquired into purchasing a snow plow to be mounted on the city’s red Chevy pickup.  It was advised the pickup with plow would be utilized for smaller snow removal matters, including intersection work and touch-ups.  Motion was made by Nelson, seconded by Kettwig to authorize the purchase of a pickup-mounted snow plow.  Motion carried.

Follow-up discussion was held on a proposed water meter system project.  City Engineers Jon Fischer and John Brown with Stockwell Engineers were present.  Information was distributed and reviewed for a Water Meter Cost Estimate Summary for two options – 1) Drive By Radio Read and 2) Tower Remote Read.  Numerous aspects were covered, including grant/loan scenarios, rate impacts, cost difference, capabilities, annual fees and timeframes.  Council decision was made to proceed with getting placed on the State Water Plan (SWP) pursuing the Drive By Radio Read Water Meter project. 

Follow-up discussion was held on proposed Broadway Avenue infrastructure replacement projects.  Fischer and Brown distributed a Project Cost Summary for two proposed projects – 1) Phase 1 (State St. to 1st St.) and 2) Phase 2 (1st St. to 274th St.).  Both projects include the replacement of sanitary sewer/storm sewer and water main.  Numerous aspects were reviewed, including street rebuilding/surfacing details, grant/loan scenarios, rate impacts and funding/project timeframes.  Council decision was made to proceed with including the pursuit of the Broadway Avenue Phase 1 project in the City’s SWP application.    

Information on 2017 summer personnel, pool rates, wages and ads was distributed and reviewed.  The decision was made to run ads seeking a manager and lifeguards for the upcoming pool season, as well as Summer Help personnel.

Motion was made by Ptak, seconded by Smith to have the City, for Workers’ Compensation purposes, cover volunteers for the Marion Volunteer Fire Department and Marion Community Ambulance.  Motion carried.  The volunteers are as follows: Steve Albrecht, Nikki Bauerle, Cam Becker, Brian Benney, Laura Benney, Tori Benney, Ravila Berens, Patrick Blau, Ken Dalke, Matt Donlan, Daryl Gortmaker, Loryece Handwerk, Michael Hanisch, Lana Herlyn, Harvey Hertel, Dennis Johnson, Jayme Juhnke, Brian Jurgens, Jayden Kettwig, Jim Kettwig, Bryan Kraemer, Steve Kraemer, Michelle Kunkel, Bryan Luke, Charles Luke, Derek Luke, Dick Luke, Keith Luke, Jacob McCain, Zach McConniel, Marvin Miller, Nick Muller, Rick Nelson, Kristi Nogelmeier, Ben Piehl, John Ptak, Duane Pulse, Jon Saunders, Mike Schmidt, Dustin Sulzle, Jeremy Thomas, Josh Viet, Rick Waltner, Chuck Weber, Keith Weber, Mike Wieman, Kelly Wiese.

Follow-up discussion was held on obtaining high visibility clothing items and the City’s health insurance plan transition.

Sulzle provided information on the upcoming S.D. Water & Wastewater Association (SDWWA) Annual Meeting and Technical Conference, with it reiterated that he is a SDWWA board member.  Sulzle will attend the conference in Pierre on January 9th – 11th. 

Motion was made by Kettwig, seconded by B. Luke to hold a joint election with the school on April 10, 2018, with the election to be held in the City meeting room.  Motion carried.

Information was distributed on the upcoming Municipal Government Day at the Legislature.  All municipal officials and employees are invited to Pierre to watch the Legislature in action on February 7, 2018.

Correspondence received from City Attorney Jeff Cole regarding the December 31, 2017 dissolution of the Zimmer, Duncan and Cole law firm was distributed and reviewed.  It was advised following that date, Cole began practicing law as Northern Plains Justice.  Additionally, the Duncan’s began practicing law as the Duncan Law Firm.  Council decision was made to have Cole/Northern Plains Justice continue to handle the City’s file.  

The Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project (SEFP) December and January monthly reports were distributed to the council.

Following are the wages for City Personnel for 2018: City Operations Superintendent - $21.89/hr. plus $35.00 per meeting; City Maintenance - $18.85/hr.; Finance Officer - $44,887.18 annually plus $50.00 per meeting; Office Assistant - $14.42/hr.; Mayor - $1200.00 annually plus $60.00 per meeting; Councilperson - $500.00 annually plus $55.00 per meeting; Landfill Supervisor - $12.07/hr.; Asst. Landfill Supervisor(1) - $11.66/hr.; Asst. Landfill Supervisor(2) - $11.07/hr.; Zoning Administrator - $130.00/month.

Motion was made by Kettwig, seconded by Smith to adjourn at 9:41 p.m.  Motion carried.



"Love doesn't make the world go round, but love is what makes the ride worthwhile."



January 8,  2018 School Board Proceedings

Pursuant to the call and the notice thereof, the School Board of the Marion School District 60-3, Marion, Turner County, SD met in regular session on the eighth day of January, 2018. Call to order was made by President of the School Board, Josh Luke, at 7:00 pm, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Members Present: Larry Langerock, Josh Luke, Scott Luke, Jared Schmidt, and Scott Tieszen.  Absent: None.

Officers Present: E. David Colberg, Superintendent; Katie Minster, Principal; and Aaron Thompson, Business Manager.  Absent: None.

Action 17/18-36: Conflict of Interest – On motion by Schmidt, second by Scott Luke to accept Conflict of Interest forms, as presented to the Board, from the following individuals: Josh Luke, Jared Schmidt, Scott Tieszen, Larry Langerock, David Colberg, and Katie Minster. Forms will be kept on file in the Administrative Office. All members voted in favor; motion carried.

Action 17/18-37: Agenda – On motion by Langerock, second by Scott Luke to amend the agenda to the following: 15) Personnel Matters (executive session), 16) Adjourn; then to approve the agenda as presented. All members voted in favor; motion carried.

Action 17/18-38: Consent Motion – On motion by Schmidt, second by Langerock to approve the following consent items: a) approve minutes from the previous month and acknowledge receipt of the Cornbelt Coop minutes, b) approve the financial reports of the District (to be published in paper), c) approve the claims against the District for the month of December, and to approve checks to be issued in their payment (bills to be published in paper). All members voted in favor; motion carried.

Scott Dent came before the Board with a concern on having school representation at athletic events.

Sharlene Orcutt gave the Teacher Report. She discussed mid-year testing, data discussions, attendance, in-service with SDEA, reading awards, and programs used on the iPads by the elementary. She also wanted to thank the Board for the gift cards for staff.

School Board member Jared Schmidt presented information from the Cornbelt Cooperative. School Board member Larry Langerock shared that several CTE students and teachers cleaned up debris from a wind storm near the Nugen ethanol plant. School Board president Josh Luke will attend LAN training on January 13. School Board member Scott Tieszen brought a concern on getting town kids home on extremely cold days.

Business Manager Aaron Thompson distributed and discussed audit reports from the 2016/2017 financial audit.

6-12 Principal Katie Minster shared information on schedules & transcripts, a long-term substitute for Heidi Kraemer, senior privileges, honor roll, attendance, dual credit, and STAR Math & Reading scores. 

Superintendent David Colberg gave updates a recent Desk Accreditation review with recommendations, Dibels & STAR testing, Accelerated Reader results & party, and an Elementary Christmas party.

Action 17/18-39: Administrative Bargaining Unit – On motion by Tieszen, second by Schmidt to recognize the Administrative Bargaining Unit for negotiations with the Marion Board of Education. All members voted in favor; motion carried.

Action 17/18-40: School Board Election Date – On motion by Schmidt, second by Scott Luke to set the School Board Election date for April 10, 2018, to be combined with the City of Marion if elections are deemed necessary. All members voted in favor; motion carried.

School Board Election workers will be appointed by Business Manager Aaron Thompson if a School Board election is held.

Action 17/18-41: Approve Contracts – On motion by Langerock, second by Scott Luke to approve the following contracts for the 2017/2018 school year: Cullen Mack as 5th-6th Boys Basketball Coach in the amount of $800.00, and Bryce Sayler as Asst. Wrestling Coach (pro-rated to a 75% contract) in the amount of $1,650.00. All members voted in favor; motion carried.

Action 17/18-42: Personnel Matters – On motion by Schmidt, second by Tieszen to go into executive session for the purpose of Personnel Matters at 8:27 pm, as per SDCL 1-25-2(1). All members voted in favor; motion carried.  Josh Luke declared out of executive session at 8:45 pm.

Action 17/18-43: Adjourn – On motion by Langerock, second by Scott Luke to adjourn the school board meeting at 8:45 pm. All members voted in favor; motion carried.  



January 11,  2018 Business & Professional Organization Proceedings

The Marion Business & Professional Organization met on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. at Katie’s Malt Shoppe & Restaurant with 12 members in attendance.  Businesses present were: Al’s Studio, Central Farmers, Cherrybean Coffee, City Economic Development Coordinator, Donlan’s Foodland, Luke Heating/Cooling/Plumbing, Marion School, Rapp Motors, Saunders Chiropractic, Schmidt Country and Southeastern Electric.

The December 14th meeting minutes and a financial report were distributed.  Motion was made by Angela Sperling, seconded by Dr. Jon Saunders to approve the minutes and financial report as presented.  Motion carried.  A reminder was given for the organization’s annual dues.

Katie Minster, Marion MS/HS Principal, provided information on the following school matters: Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance percentage increases; impressive number of juniors and seniors taking Dual Credit classes; math and reading ‘growth’ testing results.  Minster advised the school has begun teaching Spanish with the elementary students.  Additional information was provided on the boys’/girls’ basketball season and tech school opportunities.

Discussion was held on the organization’s monthly meeting location.  The decision was made to hold the meetings in the City Meeting Room going forward.  

The next meeting will be at 12:00 p.m. on February 8, 2018 at the City Meeting Room.



february Calendar of Events




City Council Meeting

7:00 p.m.


Fire Dept. Meeting

7:30 p.m.


B & P  Meeting

Ambulance Meeting

12:00 p.m.

6:00 p.m.


Firemen's Pancake Feed

8:00 a.m.


School Board Meeting

7:00 p.m.






Legion Meeting


7:30 p.m.



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