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June 30, 2015

v   June City Council Proceedings

v  June School Board Proceedings

v  June Business & Professional Organization Proceedings

vJuly Calendar of Events


June 1, 2015 City Council Proceedings

The City Council of the City of Marion, South Dakota met in regular session on Monday, June 1, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room of the City Building with the following council members present: Jeff Jeno, Jim Kettwig, Dick Luke, Rick Nelson and Jeremy Thomas, together with the Mayor Ron Globke and Finance Officer Kari Muller.  Also attending the meeting was City Superintendent Dustin Sulzle.  Dave Hughes joined the meeting at 7:06 p.m.  Absent: none. 

Dustin Sulzle, Marion Development Foundation (MDF) Vice President, requested a release of funds from the General Fund Economic Development account for commercial property acquisition and demolition expenses.  Motion was made by Nelson, seconded by Hughes to release the funds in the amount of $40,000.00 from the 2015 appropriation to the Marion Development Foundation.  Motion carried.  It was advised the MDF passed a motion to gift the lot located at 317 N. Broadway Avenue to the City of Marion.  The matter will be addressed at the regular July council meeting. 

Josh Viet and Nikki Bauerle, representing the Marion Community Ambulance, were present and expressed interest in relocating the department to part of the existing fire hall upon completion of the new fire hall.  Discussion was held on various aspects, with it advised the council will take the matter under consideration.

Allen Schrag was present and addressed concerns on a property matter.  It was advised nuisance ordinance violations on the property will be addressed. 

Follow-up discussion was held on the Broadway Avenue railroad crossing matter.  Mayor Globke provided an update on communications with both Central Farmers and BNSF, with BNSF advising of plans to cut the rail on the east end of the crossing.  Discussion was held on various, related matters.     

Information was provided on the 2015 Car Show to be held on June 20th, as part of Marion’s Summer Celebration.  A request was received from the event’s organizers for permission to hold the show on an approximate 2-block section of Broadway Avenue, running from just south of Jill & Larry’s Minimart to Walter Funeral Home.  Motion was made by Jeno, seconded by Thomas to allow the designated section of Broadway Avenue to be blocked off for the event.  Motion carried. 

Follow-up discussion was held on an equipment rental matter.  Requested insurance information was provided.  Various aspects were addressed, including rates and parameters of use.  The decision was made to have the City Attorney prepare a contract.     

City Superintendent Sulzle provided information on a vehicle being considered for purchase from Rapp Motors.  Budgetary information was reviewed, with it advised a pick-up replacement was budgeted for in the amount of $18,000.00.  The decision was made to authorize Sulzle to purchase the 2005 Chevy K3500 Silverado from Rapp Motors for the amount of $15,950.00.

A Summer Rec update was provided.  A ‘thank you’ received from out-of-state campers who stayed at the City Park was conveyed to the City.  The Marion Youth Soccer Sponsor thank you, which included pictures of each of the six teams, was distributed to the board.

Discussion was held on general landfill matters.  Sulzle provided follow-up information on an individual willing to provide metal pick-up services for the City.  It was advised the City would receive of percentage of the profits.  The timeframe for the metal items currently at the landfill to be picked up was addressed. 

The law enforcement report for May 2015 was distributed and reviewed. 

Motion was made by Thomas, seconded by Jeno to approve the appointment of the Zoning Board for 2015-2016 as follows: Rick Waltner, Rich Wieman, Greg Larsen.  Motion carried.  It was advised the appointment of the Library Committee will be addressed at the next council meeting.

Follow-up discussion was held on burning in city limits.  Information was provided from the Turner County Emergency Manager, as well as other entities, regarding fire pits.  Globke advised the County is adopting a new burn ban ordinance, with the suggestion made to have the City consider adopting the same once it is in place.    

Discussion was held on zoning policies, with it reported clarification may be needed on some building permit matters.  Following additional discussion, it was advised the matter will further addressed.

The Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project (SEFP) May monthly report was distributed to the council.

Motion was made by Thomas, seconded by Kettwig to adjourn at 9:15 p.m.  Motion carried.



"The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart."

Robert Green Ingersoll



June 8,  2015 School Board Proceedings

Pursuant to the call and the notice thereof, the School Board of the Marion School District 60-3, Marion, Turner County, SD met in regular session on the eighth day of June, 2015. Call to order was made by President of the School Board, Nicole Bartscher, at 7:00 pm.

Members Present: Nicole Bartscher, Dan Buse, Daryl Gortmaker, Josh Luke and Larry Langerock.  Absent: None.

Officers Present: Dr. Joseph Gertsema, Interim Superintendent; Michelle Larson, Secondary Principal; and Aaron Thompson, Business Manager.  Absent: None.

Guests Present: Ed Kreider, Trish Kreider, Shelly Wieman, Denise Arbach, Scott Dent, Amanda Dent, Ryleigh Dent, Scott Tieszen, Heather Hofer, and Jared Schmidt.

Action 14/15-155: Agenda – On motion by Luke, second by Langerock to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-156: Minutes – On motion by Buse, second by Langerock to approve the previous month’s minutes and to acknowledge receipt of the Cornbelt Educational Coop minutes. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-157: Financial Reports – On motion by Langerock, second by Luke to approve the financial reports of the District as shown in Table 1 (to be published in paper). Motion carried.

Action 14/15-158: Bills for Consideration – On motion by Luke, second by Buse to approve the following claims against the District for the month of June, and then to approve checks to be issued in their payment. Motion carried. (Bills to be published in paper)

Shelly Wieman informed the Board of a Sport Skills, Agility & Strengthening Program offered this summer for students in 5th-8th grade. Trish Kreider inquired about junior high boys basketball, and was informed that Marion will provide a program for the junior high boys. Heather Hofer came before the Board with two activities planned for Marion students: Girls on the Run / Girls on Track for girls in grades 3-8, and a football clinic in Sioux Falls on June 12.

There were no Teacher Reports.

School Board reports were given. Josh Luke informed the Board that the Milbank School District is interested in the “crow’s nest” from the stadium equipment Marion purchased last fall from the Grant/Deuel School District.

Aaron Thompson gave the Business Manager report. He gave updates on the elementary computer lab, Title I and REAP funding, and providing both a Junior Kindergarten and a Preschool program this year.

Michelle Larson gave the Principal report. She informed the Board on State standards, an ELL symposium, credit recovery, a boys’ basketball camp, Promethean Board training, a new messaging system through Infinite Campus, a USF football camp, and the Youth Sports Committee meeting.

Dr. Joseph Gertsema gave the Superintendent report. He wanted to thank the Board and the District for the opportunity to work at the Marion School this year. Dr. Gertsema also gave updates on the Music teacher search, discussing the boys’ basketball coop with Wayne Carney of SDHSAA, meeting soon with David Colberg, the TIE data retreat, and that he will be working with the new board members explaining their roles on the school board.

The Board of Education recognized the first reading of Policy IK (Academic Achievement). Mrs. Larson explained issues covered in this policy, such as grading and assessments.

Action 14/15-159: Amend Policy JFAA – On motion by Buse, second by Gortmaker to amend Policy JFAA (Admission of Resident Students) as presented to the Board. A copy of the policy will be kept on file in the Business Office, and will be available on the School’s website. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-160: Gas/Diesel Quotes – On motion by Langerock, second by Luke to accept the fuel quote from Schmidt Country, DBA Marion Oil, for road diesel fuel, 10% ethanol gasoline and regular gasoline at $0.015 below pump price, less Federal taxes for the 2015/2016 fiscal school year. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-161: SDHSAA Ballots – On motion by Luke, second by Buse to vote for the following on the SDHSAA 2015 Official Runoff Election Ballots: Mike Schmidt (Wilmot High School) as the East River At-Large Representative, and David Planteen (Langford Area School District) as the Small School Group Board of Education Representative. Motion carried.

Resolution 14/15-162: Insurance Renewal Resolution – Be it hereby moved and resolved that on motion by Langerock, second by Gortmaker, the Marion School Board of the Marion School District, acting pursuant to SDCL ch. 1-24 and SDCL 13-10-3, 13-8-39, and the general authority of SDCL title 13, hereby adopts, approves, and ratifies the ASB Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund Participation Agreement, and the ASB Property and Liability Trust Fund Participation Agreement, effective as of the time of adoption of this motion. A copy of these Participation Agreements and Renewal Motions will be kept on file in the Business Office. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-163: Surplus Property – On motion by Luke, second by Buse to declare various library books and textbooks as surplus property, to be disposed of as the Administration sees fit. A list of the surplus property will be kept on file in the Business Office. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-164: Resignations – On motion by Buse, second by Langerock to accept the resignations of Ron Nelson as Head Volleyball Coach and Jesse Johnson as Head Girls Basketball Coach, and to thank them for their years of service in these respective positions. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-165: Approve Contracts – On motion by Buse, second by Luke to approve the following contracts for the 2015/2016 school year, with salaries to be published July, 2015: William Lanfear as Social Studies Teacher; Doyle Johnson as Co-Head Wrestling Coach and JH Football Coach; Linda Luke as FB Cheer Advisor; Nancy Kennedy as Student Council Advisor; Jerry Kippes as Head Track Coach, Head Cross Country Coach, and JH Boys Basketball Coach; Jesse Johnson as Head Golf Coach; William Massey as Head Girls Basketball Coach and Asst. Track Coach; Rachael Massey as Head Volleyball Coach; Becky Luke as Prom Co-Advisor; Rachel Vanderzee as Prom Co-Advisor; and Tracy Kopejtka as Asst. Volleyball Coach. Motion carried.

Action 14/15-166: Adjourn – On motion by Langerock, second by Luke to adjourn the school board meeting at 8:30 pm. Motion carried.



June 8,  2015 City Council Proceedings

The City Council of the City of Marion, South Dakota met in special session on Monday, June 8, 2015, at 5:30 p.m. in the meeting room of the City Building with the following council members present: Jeff Jeno, Jim Kettwig, Dick Luke, Rick Nelson and Jeremy Thomas, together with the Mayor Ron Globke and Finance Officer Kari Muller.  Absent: Dave Hughes. 

A Public Hearing was held at 5:33 p.m. to consider the Marion Area Community Club’s request for a One-Day Malt Beverage License for the Summer Celebration Chislic Feed to be held at the City Park on June 19, 2015 from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.  No one appeared before the Council in favor or opposition of granting the license.  Motion was made by Nelson, seconded by Kettwig to approve the license.  Voting aye: Kettwig, Luke, Jeno, Nelson.  Voting nay: Thomas.  Motion carried.

Motion was made by Luke, seconded by Nelson to adjourn at 5:36 p.m.  Motion carried.


June 11,  2015 Business & Professional Organization Proceedings

The Marion Business & Professional Organization met on Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. at Katie’s Malt Shoppe & Restaurant with 14 members in attendance.  Businesses present were: Al’s Studio, Central Farmer Coop., Donlan’s Foodland, Getskow Pharmacy, Hometown Insurance, Luke Heating/Cooling/Plumbing, Marion Record, NuGen Energy, Saunders Chiropractic, SEFP, Southeastern Electric, Tieszen Chiropractic Clinic and Woltman Group.

The May 14th meeting minutes and a financial report were distributed.  Motion was made by Heather Hofer, seconded by Dr. Jon Saunders to approve the minutes and the financial report as presented.  Motion carried.

Discussion was held on the promotional drawing for the month of July.  The decision was made to hold a drawing for $25 Marion Bucks.

Discussion was held on the Summer Celebration, with the Schedule of Events reviewed.  A reminder was given for the Bingo prizes/donations deadline.

Follow-up discussion was held on relocating the State Champions sign, with it reported Rex VanHove and Glen Rapp are in charge and are working with Gary Luke on the project.    Motion was made by Dr. Dean Tieszen, seconded by Dick Luke to approve having the sign relocated and attached to the ‘Welcome to Marion’ billboard.  Motion carried.

Nancy Larsen, SEFP facilitator, distributed and reviewed her monthly report.  Information was provided on new inquiries, active clients and new business presentations, as well as upcoming activities.  Larsen advised she is working on bringing a “Shop at Home” campaign into communities.  Information was provided on the 7th Key to becoming an Entrepreneurial Community.

It was reported the boys’ basketball program for Marion will be co-opted with Freeman for the upcoming school year, playing as the Freeman Flyers due to time restrictions.  Information was provided on a ‘skills’ night to be held in July at the school for grades K – 6 to assist in getting youth interested in sports.

The next meeting will be at 12:00 p.m. on July 9, 2015 at Katie’s Malt Shoppe & Restaurant.



juLY Calendar of Events


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