2024 Soccer Season

Registration must be submitted by March 21, 2024

Call or text program organizer, Kim Hammit, with any questions or concerns: (360) 774-0909 or email at marionsoccer605@gmail.com


Important Information:

  1. Join our program on Facebook: Marion Soccer
  2. Shirts will be ordered soon after registration closes (March 21, 2024) to make sure we have them in time for games.  If your child is not registered in time, they will not get their soccer jersey.  Please note, all kids will receive the size of shirt they ordered.  
  3. We will not turn any child down to play, even after deadline, however, they will not be able to get a jersey. 
  4. THERE IS NO TRANSPORTATION!  You are responsible to get your soccer kid to the games and practices.
  5. ALL PLAYERS MUST WEAR SHIN GUARDS!  Without shin guards, we can’t let players play for safety reasons. 
  6. Practices are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00pm unless posted otherwise.  Most practices last 45 minutes to an hour.  Please watch Facebook (Marion Soccer) for any cancelations or changes.  All coaches have the ability to cancel if needed.  These will be held at the old football field on the Northeast corner of marion.  First practice is tentatively scheduled for April 9th.  All athletes will meet at their assigned practice area which will be posted to the Facebook page before our first practice.
  7. If your child is unable to attend any practice or game, we would ask that you notify the coach in advance if known so that substitutes can be arranged if necessary.  We understand that there will be events, such as Spring Concerts, plays and other functions that will require your child's presence and potentially conflict with the schedule.
  8. We do request that parents stay near the practice/game fields during practice, especially for the younger ones and that if you do have to leave for any reason, you return before practice or the game is over.
  9. Practices and games are subject to cancellation/rescheduling if determined necessary by the program organizer.  Updates will be posted as soon as possible to the Facebook page.
  10. I am tentatively planning to hold a brief coach's meeting at 5:30 pm on April 9th to cover some basics for any new volunteer coaches.
  11. General rules will be posted on the Facebook page or you can always reach out to the program organizer with any questions.
  12. Coaches have the ability to bench kids if needed.  Please remind your child this is a group sport.  Having fun and learning is our priority.  We will not force children to play but will encourage participation.  If your child is participating in any activity deemed inappropriate or dangerous by the program organizer, Kim Hammit, or any of the coaches or volunteers, they will be asked to leave and try again at the next practice.  We reserve the right to terminate any child's participation in the event of multiple offenses, at the discretion of the coach/program organizer.
  13. PARENTS AND GUEST SPECTATORS are expected to behave appropriately at all practices and games.  We are all adults just trying to give kids a fun opportunity.  This is not the Major Leagues.  No heckling, foul language, harassment, berating, or the like will be tolerated and if this occurs, you or your guests will be asked to leave.  All coaches are volunteers and are doing their best. 
  14. No refunds will be given once registration has been submitted.
  15. WE NEED COACHES!  Teams without coaches will not play until there is a volunteer coach assigned.


Game Dates: 

In Parker: April 20, April 23, & April 27. 

In Marion: April 30, May 4, & May 11. 


Submission of this form indicates that you have read, understand and agree to the information posted herein.



Follow the link below to register your child using PlayPass.

You will be required to create an account before you can register your child (if your child(ren) played baseball/softball for Marion/Freeman, you should already have an account from last year).

You will have to register each child individually.

Payment can be made via Cash/Check or Online. 

Register Here: Marion SD 2024 Soccer Registration